Some of our customers operational in 2019
About our implementation support

Over 90% of our customers install eComStation themselves, without additional support.

We support legacy IBM OS/2 installations.
By updating and replacing various OS/2 based machines and environments, we gained the experience to be your reliable partner. We can offer you consulting, testing support, programming as well as on-site support.

Michael Gallias, IT architect, Standard Bank South Africa,

I would like to thank the team for assisting us with our migration. This was one of the best engagements with a vendor I ve had since joining the bank. It was great to work with an intelligent and skilled team that shares my passion for quality delivery. You have exceptional people and I am very pleased to have had the experience of working with them.

eComStation - runs all your existing IBM OS/2 programs on today's hardware.

A proven and easy to install OS/2 compatible operating environment.
At any time you can have remote technical advice or on-site implementation support.

Alstom, Germany
AustriaCard, Austria
Mauell GmbH, Germany
Boeing, USA
Bowe, Bell + Howell, USA
Canadian Coast Guard, Canada
Caterpillar, Singapore
Colgate Palmolive, USA

Fujitsu, Japan
Johnson & Johnson, USA
Max Planck Institut, Germany
Michelin, France
OCE BV, The Netherlands
Qatar Petroleum, Qatar

Siemens AG, Germany
Standard Bank, South Africa
Trustco Bank, USA
US Postal Services, USA
Universal Instruments Corp, USA
VMware, Inc., USA
Whirlpool Corporation, USA is undergoing maintenance on March 26th, 2019.
Our maintenance window is from 9:00 AM CET to 3:00 PM CET. Please check back soon!
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