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eComStation 2.1 Business Edition

eComStation 2.1 Business Edition

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eComStation 2.1

eComStation is a reliable and secure operating system based on IBM OS/2 Warp. eComStation delivers a proven virus free, zero-downtime, OS/2 compatible operating environment for both industry and personal desktop use. eComStation runs all your existing OS/2 applications.

eComStation 2.1 features an improved and simplified installation process; more extensive help information; supports virtual desktops, remote desktops and all types of Internet connections. It also offers support for enhanced Multimedia support as well as new and updated printer- and systemdrivers.

All eComStation products are delivered digitally (ISO file).

eComStation 2.1 versions:

eComStation 2.1 Business Edition for professional use
The business edition includes 2 months of Software Subscription & Support. This includes installation / implementation support and the right to download any software version upgrades released during the subscription period.

eComStation 2.1 Home & Student Edition for private use.
The home & student edition allows installations of a maximum of 3 software licenses per client.

eComStation 2.1 licenses enable a user to select the English- or German language.

Additional Software Subscription & Support

eComStation Additional Software Subscription & Support ensures that you receive first line technical support when needed and have access to all update enhancements and new versions released during the subscription period.

eComStation Additional Software Subscription & Support can be purchased for an addional 1 or 3 year period.

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